I see myself as a cloud, what should i do?

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There are a number of reasons why you could be seeing yourself as a cloud, below we will go through the possible causes and fixes.

Internet connection


Firstly check your internet connection, if you have a slow download speed your avatar will take a lotĀ longer to load, but should eventually load your avatar.

The HyperGrid


Before HyperGridding. It is very important that you make sure your avatar has fully loaded on your home grid before making the hypergrid jump! If you do not wait for your avatar to fully load on your home grid, you may appear as a persistent cloud when you jump to another grid.

Whilst HyperGridding: If you did as mentioned above and find that you are a cloud on another grid, this could be an issue with that grid, try relogging and hypergridding back to the grid or relogging and hypergridding to another grid to see if you have any issues there.

After HyperGridding: After you have finished hypergridding we strongly recommend that you relog.

Constantly a cloud on Zindraya?


If you find that you are a constant cloud on Zindraya and have tried relogging, this could be due to a simple item such as Shape/Skin/Hair/Eyes being missing from your avatars default outfit (default system layer items) to fix this simply go to the Zindraya welcome area, where you will find a fixer avatarĀ inside of the welcome area store, once you have received the fixer avatar, open your inventory and then right click on the female/male fixer avatar folder and then select Replace, once you have done this you should now see yourself as the fixer avatar and no longer a cloud, you can then slowly start to replace the fixer avatar with the avatar you wish to use and the cloud issue should be gone.

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