What is a VarRegion?

VarRegions are ideal for people who hate sim crossings and want all of the prims to use anywhere on the region. VarRegions act as huge regions, for example, the 2×2 VarRegion is the same size as a 4 single sims put together but acts as only one region.

Can i pay for land or homes without PayPal?

Yes and no, Regions can only be rented from Zindraya using our billing and support portal by PayPal, however, you may be able to rent regions, parcels of land or homes from other Zindraya members by using Gloebits, Gloebits can be brought on there website by various payment options.

What virtual currency does Zindraya have?

The virtual currency in Zindraya is Gloebits which can be purchased on the Gloebits website found here The great thing about Gloebits is that they can be used on multiple grids when hypergridding. Gloebits can be used in many ways including the following. Land and home rentals. Paying for Advert boards/advertising Purchasing items. Tipping other